About The Sports Palace

It is impossible to imagine the Belarusian capital without the Palace of Sports. Sports Palace became a special symbol of our Republic. For more than fifty years, cultural and sports Republican unitary enterprise "Sports Palace" of the Ministry of sport and tourism of the Republic of Belarus has been the main sports arena of the country. The most important home and international competitions in 22 sports, numerous concerts and shows take place here.The Palace is situated in one of the most beautiful places of Minsk – its western and southern sides overlook the mainline of the city – Pobediteley Avenue, and from the north and east the Palace is bordered by the embankment of the river Svisloch 

       The Sports Palace is a complex engineering structure. Clear layout, spacious interiors of the building, plenty of light and the latest equipment make it possible to use the hall in a variety of modes. The Palace staff perform the operations of transformation in a very short time. The hockey pitch easily turns into the gym and then into the concert hall

      The main purpose of the Palace of Sports, as the management and team members see it, is the development of physical culture and sport and the promotion of healthy lifestyle as well as the best achievements of national and world culture through the organization of sports and artistic concert events aimed at raising the moral and cultural level